Regional Phone Numbers

Southeast: (828) 633-4830
Northeast: (802) 746-4779

Live River Updates

Northeast From: Scott Gilbert

NBL, 3'

Northeast From: Scott Gilbert

Kenfield 2 on the gauge (nice medium)

Northeast From: Jordan Vickers

Ledges 1ft 10" and rising

About is a website designed to make real-time water level visuals available to everyone. Of course, it only works if people send in visuals. So, if you're driving around to go kayaking (or for any other reason) and catch a look at a river that you think anyone might be interested in level information for, go ahead and report it. There are detailed instructions on the How It Works page.

It's as simple as that. No smartphone needed, just send a plain old text to your regional phone number (see right side) and your update will appear on the website in real time. By default, updates are anonymous, but if you want your name to appear next to updates you send in, just register an account on the website and input your phone number. We won't show it to anyone, we'll just use it to map your texts to your username. Creating an account also let's you specify what region you want to see reports from.

Nick Gottlieb